TextMinder - Mobile Text Reminders

TextMinder allows you to schedule SMS text reminders to be sent to you at the times you specify, repeating as often as you choose. Remind yourself of your medication, diet, exercise or financial goals, shopping, errands, bills, household chores, and other todo tasks and tickler items. Never forget another homework assignment, class, meeting, television show, birthday or anniversary!

With the ONE-TIME purchase of the iPhone app, you can

  • Create unlimited SMS text reminders to be sent to you on your iPhone or other primary phone
  • Specify an exact date and time and choose a repeat schedule for each reminder
  • Review, modify, and delete reminders using any iPhone or iPod touch

Benefits of using SMS reminders over push notifications

  • Reminders share your SMS alert settings, guaranteeing your control over alert tone and automatic repeat alerts when not acknowledged
  • Multiple reminders can remain in your popup notification summary, even when followed by other messages (push notifications only show your most recent alert)
  • Unread reminders show as a number badge on your standard SMS/Messages app, and remain in your standard SMS list until you remove them, to ensure they are noticed
  • SMS promotes longer battery life and can deliver notifications even without a data connection, such as when roaming with data roaming disabled
  • iPod touch users can manage reminders with TextMinder then receive alerts on time on your primary mobile phone via SMS - and it works with OS versions prior to 3.0

TextMinder can send SMS alerts to US and WORLDWIDE phones using Ameritech, AT&T, Cricket, SprintPCS, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin, or any of our other dozens of supported carriers listed at this link.

The iPhone app requires either a cellular data (3G, EDGE) or WiFi connection to manage reminders. Our service does not charge to send you text messages, but your carrier's standard text messaging policies and rates apply.

The TextMinder service contains NO ADS and your one-time iPhone app purchase includes FREE upgrades and tech support.